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Hello everyone,

I’d like to dedicate this post to business head shots.

Professional Business Head Shot Photographer in Miami

Miami Lawyers: Alonso, Perez & Santos


Most people need business head shots and take the time and money to do so, but I will explain what makes a good business photo and how you should go about finding someone to do it for you.

Professional Business Head Shot Photographer in Miami

Doctor’s Professional Head Shot


To start, I’ll mention something I’ve said before: You will find all kinds of styles and prices in the head shot photography world. On one hand, you’ll find the $75.00 head shot photographer that will take 2 hours with you and hand over all the images on a CD for you to do with that as you please. On the other hand, you will stumble upon a photographer that will charge you $150.00 and hand over 1 professionally finished photo that everyone will be jealous about. What do you do? You know you have the budget where you can spend $150.00 but you don’t want to “waste” your money so you end up considering the $75.00 man. Remember, in the service industry YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR. There isn’t an industry standard for photography, so it is very difficult to get photographers to follow certain guidelines that guarantee a certain value. In the automobile industry, you at least have the peace of mind that every car is made to withstand certain crashes, speeds, and situations just because there are standards that MUST be followed. In the photography world, it isn’t like that at all.

On to my next point, I want you to understand what is wrong with the $75.00 guy. He’s not a real professional. Unfortunately, that amount of money for 2 hours of shooting time, another 30 minutes of editing, travel time, gas, and use of equipment probably equals to about $28.00 an hour and I’m not even counting equipment devaluation that has to be taken into account. If his clients are very happy and recommendations are coming, he would have a lot of work. And with a lot of work, he would have to charge more. Clients that fall into the $75.00 dollar man’s lap, are usually price shopping and learn late that they just threw away that money because they will be repeating the photos with someone else (for more money, but more quality).

The $150.00 man will spend with a customer 1 hour shooting, 30 minutes selecting the final image, and 20 minutes finishing the job by editing and retouching. The 1 hour shoot is special though. He will ask what profession you’re in, give you the perfect pose, take various shots smiling, serious, both profiles of your face, half body, arms crossed, hands in pocket, etc. When you finally sit down with him, he’ll show you all photos and end up selecting the perfect one for you and your business. Once selected, the final editing and retouching will take place. You will leave with a photo that will last you 5-8 years. Based on this timing and price, this photographer is making around $70.00 an hour.

Professional Business Head Shot Photographer in Miami

Advantage Meeting and Destination Services Team

Professional Business Head Shot Photographer in Miami

Advantage Meeting and Destination Services – Vice President


Why am I making this comparison? It’s obvious to any businessman that something that is worth more is usually better. The truth is that many of our customers open up to us and their experience they had last month with the $75.00 guy. Yeah, they took their head shots again and are kicking themselves because they spent the time and money on something that was no good the first time around. Don’t let this happen to you. Our information is below if you are interested in professional business head shots.

Lawyer Head Shot

Lawyer Half Body Shot

Group Photo Shot

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