This post is to teach our customers about the difference between High and Low Resolution photos.

There is one basic explanation to differentiate the two: High Resolution has print quality while Low Resolution is for computer use.

Take these 2 pictures for example:

Real Estate Head Shots Miami Head Shot Photography

Believe it or not, the top one is Low Resolution and the bottom is High Resolution. You can prove this by right clicking on each photo and opening them on an image editing software or printing them.

To the eye, it makes no difference. But to a printer, there is a HUGE difference. Take a look at these two photos:


A photo make look great on your computer screen, but once printed you might come up with a highly pixelated image.

The reason we are posting about this is because we want to educate our customers about what they are buying. Many people think that a low resolution photo is bad; it’s actually a necessity depending on what the use of the photo is. Have you seen those websites where photos take forever to load on your screen, and you end up getting tired of it and moving on to the next website? That’s because they’re High Resolution files when they should be Low Resolution.

Now, just because a file is High Resolution it doesn’t mean you can print large photos. This is where it gets tricky: Digital photos have 3 sizes to them.

1. Total File Size (Measured in Kilobytes or Megabytes)

2. Picture size (Measured in feet, inches, centimeters, etc)

3. PPI (Pixels per inch – This is what makes an image high resolution)

Take this for example:

You may have a High Resolution photo (with 300 PPI) but the size of the photo is only 2×3 inches (Wallet Sized). If you try to print this photo at a 16×20 Inch size, there will be pixels.

If you have a 2×3 inch photo at 96 PPI (Low Resolution), and try to print it at the exact 2×3 inches, there will also be pixels.

But print the 2×3 inch photo in High Resolution, you will have a crisp image if printed the same size (sometimes a bit bigger will work as well).

The total file size is giving you the size it takes up in your hard drive, but it won’t tell you if the file is good enough to be high resolution.

To finalize this post, you can have the exact same photo in high and low resolution and you will only see the difference once printed (or very zoomed in on a computer software).

We want our customers to know they are safe in our hands!

Thanks for reading and have us in mind for your Wedding Photos, Family Photos, Newborn and Maternity Photos and much more! We are photographers with a lot of experience and even more love for what we do!

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