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Electronic Diversity Visa Photo

Better known as the Electronic Diversity Visa Lottery, the Diversity Visa Lottery began today, October 1st, 2014 and will go on until November 3rd, 2014. Contact us (Delio Photo Studio in Miami) to have your picture taken with all of the right specifications. This lottery will be decided in 2016 but you must submit the application along with a Digital Visa Photo that has strict requirements. In our studio, you will be able to have the photo taken with the exact requirements of the Diversity Visa Lottery Photo and have it tested on the photo validator that is available on the Diversity Visa website. Once you see your photo is eligible, you can rest assured that you have more chances of winning permanent residency. We have been doing Diversity Visa Lottery Photos in Miami for many years, and understand how important it is to get this right the first time.

Contactenos (Delio Photo Studio en Miami) para la foto para la Loteria de Visa de Estados Unidos. Esta loteria es una manera de ganarse la residencia permanente. De Octubre 1, 2014 a Noviembre 3, 2014 podra aplicar para esta loteria; los resultados seran publicados en el 2016 y los ganadores seran nuevos residentes permanentes. La Loteria de Visa requiere una foto estilo pasaporte pero con unos requisitos muy estrictos. En nuestro estudio, le tomamos la foto y la probamos en la pagina web de la Visa de Loteria. La foto para la Loteria de Visa es sumamente importante ya que si manda una foto que no sigue los requisitos, esta automaticamente descalificado/a. Entendemos la importancia de esta foto y por eso puede contar con Delio Photo Studio.

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