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Hi everyone!

This blog isn’t about tradition. Well, it kind of is because recording events with a professional photographer is a tradition in itself. It is also traditional to have memories in physical form instead of the modern way: hard drives, USB’s, CD’s and the mysterious “cloud.” Even though our job is mostly used by our “traditional” clients, I have to let you know that we do non-traditional things as well (which in a close future, will become traditions with enough usage).

I’d like to say that even though “marriage” is defined by our state government as only heterosexual, the truth is that marriage goes a lot further than that. It’s about love and a commitment to spend the rest of your life with someone, whether man or woman.

Gay marriage has become a political fight between those that think they are doing the public good, and those that believe that we should have the freedom of equality. We aren’t directly involved in politics, but we don’t condone the “different” treatment of any race, ethnicity, sexual orientation or people with different ideas. This is why we welcome gay couples to come into our studio and hire us for the wedding. Gay weddings are the same as straight weddings, with the only difference in that there’s 2 people joining that are of the same sex.

Give us a call and trust us. Our work speaks for itself.

Thanks for reading!

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