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This post will be dedicated to family photography in outdoors locations in Miami and those who wish to hire a photographer for this occasion.

Many people run away from the idea of hiring a photographer for some family portraits because it’s hard to analyze this market. On one hand, you have photographers that will charge thousands of dollars, and then you have others that will do the whole job for only $300.00 and give away the digital images and maybe even include an enlargement.

I will try to ease your mind and make it easier to understand the world of photography 🙂

We are all used to seeing prices for things we have purchased before or are of very popular demand. For example, we know cars range from around $16,000 to 1 Million; we also know we will spend around $50.00 at the movies, and that a fancy dinner for 2 can cost you upwards of $200.00. This we know, and we know because we’ve all done this before.

But hiring a photographer? For a Family Portrait Session? Very few of us have ever done that but it’s simple: the more you pay, the better artist and service you will receive. You get what you pay for… (Usually)

Hiring a pro photographer for a session is the most personalized way to create a memory and purchasing a piece of decoration for your home. Why purchase a wall decorative piece that has no real value, when you can create a work of art of you and your family and use that to accentuate your home? You can choose your location, clothing, poses, colors, whether in black and white or color, size, frame, etc. I’d like to show you the picture that me and my wife put up in our home:


Although it isn’t a “family portrait” because we don’t have any kids, this picture has pushed all friends and family to create their own image and have it on their wall (remember, there are plenty of walls apart from the one on Facebook).

Here are other samples:

Family-portrait-photographer-Miami-Delio-Photo-Studio 05 01 Family low res 002 DrF 14 FN Family Portrait Photography by Delio Photo Studio Family Portrait Photography by Delio Photo Studio Outdoors-Family-Photography-miami--delio-studio

Once you have the idea of where you want to have your Family Portrait done (whether it’s the beach, at home, the park, Wynwood, Vizcaya, The Biltmore, or in studio), think about where you would like this piece of art placed and from there we can discuss the final piece size.

I’d like NO ONE to forget, these photographs aren’t just for us. Our children, our children’s children and so on, will have memories of who we were. Let’s not become the generation of lost memories.

Thanks for reading and if you have any comments, please pitch in!

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