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This is a Miami company blog, so explaining and showing what we do is crucial to maintain our customers happy. As a small business, we truly offer a better service and product than any of our bigger competitors. This post will be aimed at you Miami business people that need a Professional Business Head Shot. I will speak about techniques, possibilities, show you samples and more.


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Professional Head Shots Miami

It all starts with a phone call or an email inquiry asking about our head shots service. It’s very important that you understand that as photographers, it is vital to understand why you need these shots and how they will be used. Most of the time, it’s for a web page, but many others have the need for it to use in an editorial, advertisement or a simple business card. Apart from why and how you will use them, we ask what your job title is (There is a big difference between an employee who works at Wells Fargo or Bank of America and a Small Business Owner that specializes in Interior Design). As you can imagine, a Banker must always wear a suit and tie to show security and seriousness, while an interior designer can pretty much dress the same way he/she designs home interiors.

Ultimately, here are 2 Different kinds of Head Shots:

– The Environmental Head Shot: Photo Shoot takes place in a working environment or a “natural living space.” This can take place in an office, in the middle of the city streets, or on a rooftop (Options are endless, but I think I got the point across). This is used mostly for Advertising Purposes as opposed to a picture attached to a profile on a web page; notice the word “mostly.” There is no right or wrong in how you use these photos as long as the company image is displayed accurately.

Miami Outdoors Head Shots

Environmental Head Shots: Not the Traditional Form but it looks really good!


– The Studio Head Shot: Cheaper and Shorter than the Environmental Head Shot, the studio shot is a straight to the point kind of shoot. The Photo Shoot is completely under control (Lighting conditions) and much quicker to develop.  With us, our work is guaranteed: If you don’t like it, you don’t pay it (BTW, this has never happened since once you view the photos, you have a chance to go back into the studio to get more shots and there’s no extra costs associated with it).

Miami Business Head Shots

Studio Business Head Shots

There are many Miami Photographers, but Delio Regueral is one of a kind; he understands the psyche behind photography and images. There is a lot more to a photo than paper and chemicals. Especially with these photos: how will they make your customer feel when they look at them? Will they feel safe? Frightened? Will they even inquire about your services?
It’s very important to have a Business Head Shot well taken, as this also becomes part of your virtual storefront. Many businesses that have physical retail space, never get any walk through traffic. Instead, they get found on smart phones over the internet because of something that made them attracted (Maybe the pictures?).

There are also various shots taken during a Studio Session: Both sides of the face, directly facing the camera, smiling, laughing, serious, half serious, Traditional Head Shot, 3 Quarters Body Shot on left side and right side, crossed arms, hands in pockets, hands on waist, etc. Once you have a seat with us to select your image, you’ll find that it will become difficult selecting from the final 2 or 3 images (Many images are taken, and none are deleted in case you come back in 2 years looking for an image taken to use in any scenario).

As a photographer in Miami, I’ll say that Business Head Shots are becoming extremely popular and necessary. We are proud to offer the highest standards. If you have any questions, give us a call and we will help you get what you want and need.


Delio Photo Studio
2399 Coral Way
Miami, Fl 33145