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Hello everyone,

This time of year we get busy with a type of photography job that doesn’t happen all year round: communions. This is a religious ceremony (like the baptizing) that marks a child’s life with faith. This ceremony is a simple one, yet it is a perfect occasion to get the whole family well dressed and ready for some pictures! As your neighborhood friendly and trustworthy Miami Photographers we guarantee our work: if you don’t like it, you don’t pay it. Before you read any further, let me say that we are currently offering discounts of up to 25% for communion photo packages

Many of you don’t want a photographer on the day of the ceremony, but will bring your children into our photo studio in Miami for Communion Photo Packages. This is a very traditional form of photography that includes 5-7 poses that are typical as you will see below or in our webpage at www.deliophotostudio.com. There are several backgrounds and props we use for the sessions that give you a great selection to choose from. We hope you will give us a call or stop by to find out more. Appointments can be made by phone or coming in to our offices and studio. Enjoy the pictures below!


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