Another nice customer came in today very worried because the only Russian embassy in the United States is in Washington, and she lives in Florida! Well, she was very worried because if she didn’t get this Biometric picture right the first time, she’d have to spend on another ticket to Washington. We gave her what she needed and let her know that we could send her a copy of the picture in digital format by email at any time. Just thought I could re-post this for anyone that may need Biometric pictures for their country. Thanks for reading!

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Good rainy afternoon to all in Miami!

Today is a special treat: Biometric Passport Photos.

What the heck is Biometric Photography??! To begin, a passport photograph is taken for every single citizen of any country that wishes to travel. Visa photographs and gun permits also use this kind of photograph. It is simply an identification (ID) picture used by state and federal governments to process legal paperwork. These pictures are simple, yet cannot be tampered with in any way and must follow the guidelines according to the document type and country it will be used for. Every country has different guidelines (background colors, facial expressions, size of picture, size of face inside the picture, etc.) and must be met or the picture will be rejected and the passport process will take longer than it has to. For example, a Canadian passport has a different size than a Brazilian. When…

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