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It’s a very exciting time right now. Thanksgiving and Christmas brings families together and some take advantage of professional photographers in Miami. Jennifer and Brent have a beautiful baby girl, and wanted to have a family portrait session apart from their holiday greeting cards. At our studio, we have exclusive outdoors backgrounds that only our customers can use. One, as you will see below, is a bohemian beach setting with endless possibilities when mixed up with props. Delio Regueral, the lead photographer and founder, has several props and poses that make his signature pictures. FOr example, below is a picture with 3 propellers (all with a family oriented idea; mom, dad, and daughter). With a sailing hobby, Delio explains that “these propellers are all necessary for the family to work.” He continues, “the large propeller is the father, the middle is the mother, and the small is the daughter,” “if any one fails, the boat stops sailing.” Having a sense of importance to each member of the family sets a structure where nothing fails. This is why family portraits not only have a use for memory, but for home decor and the psychology of children. When one sees a family portrait every day, you may not stop every single time to appreciate it, but it is always in your subconscious and will be the image of your whole family in one place happy and together. Enjoy these pictures and take advantage of our 50% off Specials EVERY Saturday. It’s fun, easy and important.


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