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Unfortunately not all posts will be about good times with family and friends. We would like to dedicate this post to Guillermo Alvarez Guedes. A pioneer in the stand up comedy scene for all of Latin America, writer, actor, director, family man and beloved public figure.

He is currently in Doctors Hospital for complications in his digestive system (according to the Miami Herald). He seems to be doing fine, but we will all hold our breath until he walks out of there 100% healthy. We had the pleasure of working with him for Delio Regueral’s book of Cuban and Cuban-American celebrity portraits. Among him are other figures such as Rick Sanchez, Cundo Bermudez, John Leguizamo, Andy Garcia and many more. Some of these names are pretty known worldwide, but Alvarez Guedes holds a special place in every Cubans heart. Whenever we see a negative aspect of life, he just sweeps you up and gives you another point of view to laugh from, not cry.

The South Florida community prays for his health and we here at Delio Photo Studio wish him a very speedy recovery!

Here you can see the picture Delio Regueral took of Alvarez Guedes: Alvarez Guedes photo by Delio Regueral

Desgraciadamente, no todos nuestros escritos se tratan de bodas, quinces or fotografia familiar. Sentimos un deber de apoyar a esa gente que nos apoya a nosotros. En este caso, estoy hablando de Guillermo Alvarez Guedes, que fue hospitalizado el Lunes por problemas digestivos (Miami Herald).

Alvarez Guedes: Comico, actor, productor, director, escritor y hombre de su casa son las virtudes que carga en sus hombros todos los dias. De acuerdo al Miami Herald, la esposa de Alvarez Guedes (Elsy Alvarez Guedes,)

Guillermo esta estable y consciente.

Tras leer de su condicion, todos estamos un poco mas tranquilos. El pueblo reza por el y nosotros aqui en Delio Photo Studio le deseamos que se recupere lo antes posible.

Aqui pueden ver la foto hecha por Delio Regueral:
Alvarez Guedes photo by Delio Regueral

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