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Miami Passport Pictures

American passport Picture

Good rainy afternoon to all in Miami!

Today is a special treat: Biometric Passport Photos.

What the heck is Biometric Photography??! To begin, a passport photograph is taken for every single citizen of any country that wishes to travel. Visa photographs and gun permits also use this kind of photograph. It is simply an identification (ID) picture used by state and federal governments to process legal paperwork. These pictures are simple, yet cannot be tampered with in any way and must follow the guidelines according to the document type and country it will be used for. Every country has different guidelines (background colors, facial expressions, size of picture, size of face inside the picture, etc.) and must be met or the picture will be rejected and the passport process will take longer than it has to. For example, a Canadian passport has a different size than a Brazilian. When it comes to taking these pictures, avoid going to a CVS or Walgreens for a passport picture because you’ll leave with a mugshot instead. These a Pharmacies, not photo studios. I also recommend that you don’t try taking these pictures at home and editing them yourself!

According the United States Department of State: “Biometrics include face recognition, fingerprints, and iris scans.”

Biometric is only a fancy word to say that it must meet strict size and data requirements and it must also be presented in the form of a digital image for government databases. Here at Delio Photo Studio we do this kind of work all of the time and guarantee the results! The picture will be in your passport for 10 years (At least in the USA), so look professional and good!

If you need your passport, Visa, Concealed Weapon Permit or any other government issued ID picture come on over and let us do the work!

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