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Hello everyone,


So after the introduction to who we are I am going with another introduction that will go into one of the most important subjects of this blog: Wedding Photography. You’re asking yourself (well, maybe you’re asking yourself. I don’t know): “Why does wedding photography need an intro? Just give me some useful information!” Well, the answer is simple: Wedding photography is more complicated than you may think and this will not be the only kind of photography I write about.

By understanding what Wedding Photography brings to the table, decisions will come much easier and peace of mind will set in. Remember that photography is supposed to be fun! It isn’t supposed to feel like there’s some guy or lady you don’t know in your face with a camera and flash. Photographers (and I mean professional photographers) have a business to run and want all their customers happy enough to come back for more and recommend them. 

So, to begin the introduction (formally), I’d like to say that every aspect of wedding photography will be covered: From how to plan an engagement session to wardrobes and ideas. And don’t forget one of the most important factors: Prices! If you’re a regular person like I am, you’ll have to settle for YOUR dream Wedding. Don’t expect to be able to pull off a Royal Wedding especially since some of the costs fall back on the taxpayers (Don’t we wish we could do that). As long as you have a reasonable budget and you distribute it correctly you should have a blast that all of your friends and family will remember. I will speak of the process of buying wedding photography all the way to the moment you receive your final product (whether it is a CD or a beautifully designed Coffee Table Book). I will also urge you to do certain things, such as where NOT to cut your budget and things you CAN’T afford to miss out on. It should be fun whenever we get into the wardrobe and idea section of the engagement sessions since all of you will have a say in it. Can’t wait to hear new ideas and help you all create something different and unique! To say that everyone asks to do the same engagement session idea is an understatement. This is more of how it goes like: “I want something completely different for our engagement session, so I’d like to go to the beach dressed in white.” Mind you, this is Miami and EVERYONE does that. I am not saying I dislike the idea, or that we don’t enjoy a photo shoot at the beach. I’m just saying that you’re paying an artist to do the same thing he/she does for everyone. Isn’t that defeating the purpose of hiring a creative professional?

So as you can see, there are a large amount of aspects that will be covered when it comes to Wedding Photography. Come to me my future Bridezillas (Just kidding. But really, you guys get pretty aggressive on your Wedding day) and ask questions, bring ideas to the table, gather a better understanding about Wedding Photography and hopefully hire my company to do your wedding photos. If you’re in Miami, come on by and have a coffee!

Delio Jr

Delio Photo Studio
2399 Coral Way
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