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Good afternoon to all in South Florida (although people from all parts of the world are welcome)!

This is the beginning of Delio Photo Studio’s Blog and I want to give a small introduction and sneak peak as to what this blog will relate to. Delio Photo Studio was founded in 2002 by Delio Regueral, an artist and professional photographer with more than 25 years of experience. Delio was born in Cuba and moved to Spain at the age of 19 where he suffered and almost fatal motorcycle injury. It was because of this accident that he became a student of photography; he graduated #1 in his class from the photography school EFTI in Madrid, Spain. He owned several other photography businesses before he decided to make memories for all of his clientele which includes Wedding, Quince, Family, Corporate, Artistic and Architectural photography. 

To introduce myself:

My name is Delio (Jr to be exact) and was born in Spain in the year 1987. With a Spanish mother and a Cuban father, we moved to Miami 20 years ago. To make a long story short, I graduated from High School, Graduated from Florida International University with a Bachelor’s Degree in International Relations, married my beautiful wife, worked in catering, high end watch sales and the photography industry. Photography has been around me during my whole life and my earliest memories involve a camera and a subject. I’ve been working as a photographer’s assistant since the age of 12, and as a photographer ever since I did my first wedding at the age of 17 (you wouldn’t believe the stress, but the training  was more than elementary). I am now the right hand of my father as we begin to show the world what we can do!

This blog will answer questions to every person in any aspect of photography. Whether it is about pricing, morality, styles, experiences or hobby we will make this blog a memorable one! Several blog posts will be aimed to different kinds of photography including Quinces, Weddings, Family Portraits, Corporate Photography, etc. 

I ask you all to follow us on our social media pages for a more complete experience and if you are close to us, come on by and have a coffee!

Delio Jr
Delio Photo Studio
2399 Coral Way
Miami, Fl 33145